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How to download a whole Pinterest board, the fast & easy way in 2023

How to download whole Pinterest boards (1000s of full size images & videos) in minutes

In this blog post I'm going to show you the fast and easy way to download whole Pinterest boards.

If you use Pinterest in your design workflow, you're going to find this saves you a lot of time versus downloading manually.

We will be using Pin Toolbox - Pinterest Board Downloader, which is a Google Chrome browser extension for Pinterest Power users, which has been developed specially for designers and creative professionals.

With Pin Toolbox you can download your entire board (1000s of full size images and videos at a time) to a single folder on your computer in just a few clicks. It also saves you time by smartly naming and numbering your files, so all your pins are organized.

Steps to download a Pinterest board using Pin Toolbox

  1. To download your Pinterest board, first open Chrome on your Mac or PC. Then add Pin Toolbox to your Chrome browser from the Google Chrome Webstore.

  2. Click ‘Add to Chrome’ on the Chrome Webstore page.

  3. Follow the instructions on the welcome page - press the thumbtack icon to keep the extension in the menubar, for easy access.

  4. Open Pinterest in your browser and sign in with your credentials

  5. Go to the board you want to download

  6. Press on the red ‘Pin Toolbox’ icon in Chrome

  7. Press extract images (upgrade to Pro membership to download over 15 images at a time). This will take a few minutes.

  8. Select the pins and sections you wish to download

  9. Press 'Download as .zip' – this will download all the images and videos into one folder, with the files named and numbered for easy organization.

  10. In your downloads folder you will have a file called ‘Interior design board (March 27 2023) (450).zip’ or similar. Double click on it to unzip. Or right click and press 'Unzip'.

Now you have saved your Pinterest pins in a single folder, in full resolution. You can now share them on social media, show them to clients, or print them out and put them on your wall. Happy pinning!

If you want to print a Pinterest board, check out our How to Print a Pinterest Board guide.

Or you can try Pin Toolbox for free from the Chrome Webstore.

Try Pin Toolbox for free 👇

+  Add to ChromeDesktop Chrome browser required.